An IndieWeb experiment by Justin Johansson

Todo & Done

This page serves as a priority list holder for things that I feel ought/should/must be done regarding the development of the IndieScripter website though I suspect that things that I get an IndieWeb itch for may well take precedence!

Maintaining a Done list is equally important, if for no other reason other than, to chronicle my IndieWeb journey. Of course I won't miss any opportunity to make a legitimate claim for any item on my Done list to be counted as a day in the 100DaysOfIndieWeb challenge as laid down by Aaron Parecki in his 100 Days of IndieWeb epiphany.





Actually I have put in a very serious effort in the last 10 days or so towards getting this website started & fuelled by selfdogfood but I'm happy to book that to initial owner's equity! 2016-12-29.